I ventured to the Indianapolis Museum of Art today with Chandler and this particular piece stood out to me. It’s titled Terrain by Julianne Swartz. It’s a very interesting, eerie work of art that is constructed of numerous speakers hanging from the ceiling that loop a track with 37 recordings of different people whispering a message to someone they hold dear to them. 

After spending a few minutes listening to the recordings, I was able to differentiate the varying voices and messages from one another. As the track started from the beginning, I honed in on one voice in particular; a clear, quiet male voice. The more I listened to his message, the more I was amazed at the sensitivity of it. He spoke to his long-lost lover, saying things such as, “I love you….I still miss you….Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you….I wish you were here….I am so thankful for the love that you gave me and the time we shared, no matter how short….I will always love you….I wish you didn’t have to leave….Sometimes I wake up and realize you were in my dreams….”

This was the most heart-breaking, touching piece of art I’ve ever experienced in a museum. I had to leave the room before I lost it. Great, great time spent at this museum today.


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